The strongest Cable Tray

The new revolution in the mesh cable tray market

Introducing a new business line,
Our new product will be a massive revolution in the mesh cable tray market as it is the strongest cable tray available, allowing longer spans between supports (installers will love this fact!!).

This patented product will have a big impact in the industry since it has twice the amount of longitudinal wires; one welded under the mesh, and another one on the top, as can be seen in the image above.

No sharp edges

The “U shape” wires are also hidden at the top with no sharp edges, making it very safe for both the installer and the cabling. End users and installers will love this fact!


The distances between wires are as per the market standard. This way it can be assembled with our accessories or existing ones, making the tray versatile.

high speed manufacturing

One of the things we like the most is high speed and precision manufacturing.
While most manufacturers make and average of 2 trays per minute, we will be making 10, complying with all quality standards.

The double longitudinal wires work “like a truss beam” making the tray twice as strong

About us

Quickfence draws on over 50+ years of engineering and design experience
The best physical security solution in the market

Our advanced manufacturing facilities include one of the very few cutting-edge and state of the art production lines in the world along with countless other hightech machinery, allowing for the high-speed and quality fabrication of our products.

Quickfence offers a large and varied welded-wire product line, ranging from temporary fences for construction sites to complex high-security perimeter protection systems.
Currently the product line consists of standard and specialized temporary fences; urban and residential permanent fencing ideal for gardens, pools, and residences; medium scale industrial security fencing for parking lots, shopping centers, schools, etc.; decorative mesh for architectural purposes; and our high-security fencing systems which can be customized and adapted for everything from residential applications to international border fences.

Most of the accessories available in the market fit our tray too.

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